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on 11-25-2005


... and Happy Thanksgiving (yesterday)!
So today (since it's 40 minutes after midnight) is the big sales day all over United States. The work is going to be hell today for me.. well mostly trying to find parking and stuff. I will be leaving an hour earlier just in case it takes me an hour to find parking. It took me 45 minutes to find parking by my work before. Horrible.

Thanksgiving was nice. I managed to stay in house while my parents went party. I relaxed a little and was productive a little with homework and... I FINALLY FINISHED THE LINKS PAGE!!! WHOOO! Check it out here! :D

Alright, semester is almost over for me and this means I am going to be mighty busy. Last weekend through Tuesday has been hell for me. Sorry if my comics will be short, like this one for today, which is actually a continuation of this one. I had a choice to either make that one really damn long or leave the last 3 frames to make a separate comic. Good thing I left it, because otherwise there might not be FARTS for today.

Alright sleeptime.. hmm maybe I should do some more homework today still..

Happy Xmas shopping season to all of you out there. Don't get killed.

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