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on 12-02-2005


This comic would have been more appropriate last week, but I didn't think of it.. or would have time to make it, even. Anyway, this thing happened something like two years ago when I worked at the Wooden Bird (now closed) in this Woodfield Mall of Hell. The parking lot was hell, and it took me 45 minutes to park on that Black Friday (the Friday after Thxgiving when EVERYONE in the United States goes shopping). Damn shoppers! There seriously were some morons spending the night at the entrance to Woodfield! I remember hearing that on the news. I don't remember what time exactly they were there, but it was something crazy 2Am or 3Am or something. The mall was opening on 6AM or something.

Next week is my finals week. I am worried the comic might be late :( So I appologize about that, just in case and in advance.

Also, I recendly made some fanart for one of my favorite webcomics and they have posted it in their rant :D Everyone check out TWO SIDES WIDE! It's a crazy funny webcomic that updates EVERY WEEKDAY!!!

Now I go sleep! (or something)

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