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on 12-16-2005

Fatigue and Exhaustion

My Alex has slaved over a computer screen in to the wee hours of the night in order to present us with this comic for our amusement this evening, rather than wait until the morning to finish it off. Dedication, yes; but she pushes it a bit harder than I would like her to. Perhaps she cares specifically today as a result of the recent increase in traffic to the site.

I am the sort of person who has no compunction with saving a project for another day when it will allow me to get a good night of sleep tonight. When Alex needs to stay up late finishing a comic, I often stay up with her; hence how I am here ranting instead of asleep in my warm and comfortable bed. Thankfully soon, sleep shall find me.

If you enjoy FARTS, then be sure to check out the other fine comics on the site. One of which is on indefinite hiatus, but the archives are still up for the sake of hilarity. And it is free, ALL FREE! Oh the madness!

And thus I go to sleep; too late, as usual.

said Scott

on 12-16-2005

Well, hello.

I dunno about you cats, but Alex's classmate looks like he'd be hot in real life. Rarr. DOWN WITH SCHOOL! Teeheehehehe. said Amy

on 12-16-2005


I don't know how wise it is for me to rant while drowsy on Niquil, but oh well. Yes, I am fighting a cold right now.. and I'm gonna kick it's ass! I will NOT get sick! stupid cold thinks it can break me, bastard! I will NOT get sick, damnit! ROAR!

So yes, I am working Xmas hours overtime right now and I basically have less free time than I did while working 30 hours a week and going to school full time, with homework and stuff. This is why I am not on forums much lately, sorry guys. I have plenty of time at work to draw though, so I'm stacking up on FARTS inks, again. Have no pity on me, it was my choice to do overtime.. and everyone knows I love my job.
Actually, maybe not everyone, my little webcomic got over 1500 more readers within the last week (and I hope most of them will stick around), all thanks to Nix of DIGITAL PURGATORY. I still find it hard to believe that my little sily webcomic would be linked by freaking DIGITAL PURGATORY! my favorite webcomic of all time!! Alright, alright, I already ranted about this last week.. but it's so unbelievably amazingly awesome! :D

Another awesome thing happened a few days ago also.. The united forces of awesomeness that is Kat & Dave of TWO SIDES WIDE has sent me the awesomenest fanart evar! (also the first fanart by non-biscuiteers). Check this out:

Lastly, I am gonna actually rant about the comic for this week, heh. The classmate is Diego, who is increadibly talented designer/illustrator/artist. He totally kicks my ass at art stuff, I admit it. It's people like him that make people like me ask self a question "why the hell do I even bother?" He's a funny dorky guy, but I don't think he would appear in the comic again, unless Amy starts dating him (I told you Amy! come to my school, you'll find yourself some hot christian boy but noooo! you had to go to your boring school with abundance of old women, only because you didn't want to drive an hour everyday, pfft :P ). So, why was he running down the hill, you'd might wonder -- well, it was "for fun" as he said it. How come he didn't see the tree right in front of him? Because he wasn't wearing any glasses.. and good thing that he didn't.. but then again if he did wear the glasses, would he have run in to the tree?

And now I shall leave you with this question while I pass out on Niquil... Wow, that was the longest rant ever.

said AleX

on 12-16-2005

Sexy Fanart

The only thing that could make that fanart better would be if they were making out.

Note that I did not mention nudity, because if there was any, the picture would not be posted, and I would not be ranting about it, now would I?

said Scott

on 12-16-2005

C'mon now.

Dude, Alex, I'd be considered SATAN at your school. So, yeah, no dice. That and an hour drive? Heck no. Driving the 20 minutes to my damn school was enough. And, hey, at least I had my super hot Coping W/ Stress teacher at R.U. Aw yeah, he could help me cope any day . . . said Amy





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