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on 12-23-2005

Happy Festivus

I will not rant endlessly about the corruption and perversion of the Christmas spirit. It has all been said already, too many times. Instead, I will spend the next 24 hours or less in anticipation of Alex's arrival here to spend Christmas with myself and my family.

As the comic indicates, Alex takes great pleasure in attacking me with hugs when I am distracted with yawning and stretching. This comic also marks an end to a fourteen-comic gap during which I did not appear once, though I was mentioned on a few occasions. It is also the first time Alex has drawn me with my glasses, which have now been in my possession for over a year.

Even though Alex will be spending her vacation time here with me, there will still be comics up as usual.

I personally object to the term "Happy Holidays," as it is merely an example of North American culture having collectively lost its balls in a tireless struggle to not offend ANYONE in ANY WAY. This dynamic was best parodied in South Park, but I am too tired and lazy to look up the episode number.

It is called CHRISTMAS, people! The Jews do not worry about other people being offended at hearing the term "Hannukah." The Muslims do not worry about offending anyone when they celebrate Ramadan. Black people could not give any less of a damn if anyone objects to Kwanzaa/Kwanzza/however it is spelled. It seems that Christians are the only people who are caught up in the notion of their religious holidays being offensive to others.

To this, all my thoughts and words can be summed up in a single statement:

Grow a pair.

Today being the 23rd of December, the rest of you can stand with me around the aluminum pole, and participate in the airing of grievances.

said Scott

on 12-23-2005


This is going to be the first Christmas I get to spend with my Scotty :D I am very happy and excited :D

I guess this comic is not so much an authentic factual real true story, it's just a little cute Christmas crap I did. Well, actually I do hug attack Scott when he stretches and yawns. He's just so damn cute when HE does that. :P My big yawning monster.
Regular normal FARTS will return mext week. This week I'm taking it easy, enjoying my time with my big ranting dork, Scott. :D Ahh vacation! :D Finally!


said AleX





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