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on 12-30-2005

Milk, it does the body good

This story took place about a year ago, if memory serves. The movie in question was either the English or Japanese version of either "The Grudge" (Ju-On) or "Ring" (Ringu). All four of these movies have been mashed together in my memory in to some sort of frigtening yet cheesy jumble of distorted TV images, tufts of black hair, wide-opened eyes, and thankfully few instances of vampires and/or the slaying thereof.

Alex insists the movie was "Ju-On," the original and therefore Japanese version of "The Grudge." She is probably correct, but that is not as important as the amusement that some fortunate few will experience upon reading this and my previous paragraph.

Thankfully, my nose was not broken. This story was not very amusing as it happened, but we were all able to laugh about it after the swelling went down. The rest of you should be able to enjoy it as one of those "it's funny because it's not me" situations.

It is wonderful having her with me for Christmas and New Year's. The holidays themselves bear little meaning to me, other than being excuses to spend as much time as possible with the one I love. Next year, we will be celebrating our first Christmas and New Year's as husband and wife, living together at long last.

Having a bright future is a thankful change for someone who spent most of his early years in a darkness of melodramatic proportion.

In case it has not yet been made clear enough: I LOVE MY ALEX! I am here to stay, with her, always and forever. I have already sworn oaths to this effect, and I shall swear more when the time comes.

Happy New Year's everyone. Cheers to another year on the downward slope of civilization.

said Scott





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