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on 01-06-2006


So this happened during this Christmas business-time. All salesmen at my work were busy helping out customers and I was the lab tech on duty. I am the lab tech. LAB TECH. I print photos good. I generally don't sell cameras. I don't know all that much about cameras and I suppose I am not really interested in learning all about them... I am very content learning new better ways to work the lab machines though, as I love correcting photos and making quality prints, yes.. So, yes, usually I don't know what people are talking about when they throw a bunch of random digits at me which are suppose to correspond to some obvious camera somethings... this guy had a horrible horrible accent making it pretty much impossible for me to even guess what he was asking about. I sorta paniced and grabbed Peter who was just back from lunch or something. .. AND yes.. I did run away. I ran away to lab!

Scott helped me write the weird accent. I think he did awesome job and it came out quite hilarious. :D Thank you my wonderful Scotty. Scott is actually a large part of FARTS comics. He usually is the first one to see my drawings and comic roughs and helps me edit them. I suppose he's the FARTS editor and sometimes writer and colorer. He's da man! (and I am very sleepy now)

This comic is most likely the longest one I have ever made.. and it took a while... and I probably spent way more time on it than I should have... and it's 2:30AM already and I make it a goal to have the comic up at midnight.. so yes... sorry that my comic is late to all of you who expect it to be up at midnight.

I go sleep now and maybe rant some more later.

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