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on 01-13-2006

Guardians of the Underworld

I forget exactly when Adam and Amber got their kittens, but it was not long after that they started noticing the kittens had an overabundance of personality. Mostly trouble-making personality, though, as cats tend to be. My cats are much the same way, except I have never known either of them to fart. I know they do, but I have thankfully never smelled it before, nor heard it.

So this comic references flatulence a fair deal, eh? At what point do we officially become "toilet humour?" Hopefully we are still a long ways off from that level.

And once again, for all you cat-lovers out there, I present The Daily Kitten! Yes, I am a sucker for kitten cuteness, and cats in general. Let me put it this way: I would not even eat a cat if I was stranded in some vast wilderness with no viable source of food. Pretty much any other animal, I would hunt/kill/consume. Even dogs. Especially dogs. Stupid dogs.

Hope everyone enjoys/enjoyed this week's comic. Tune in again next week, same FARTS time, same FARTS URL.

said Scott

on 01-13-2006

Black Farting Cat on Friday the 13th

This would be Adam and his fiancée, Amber. Adam and I have been friends for at least as long as I have known Amy, if not longer. He actually got me my current job, whoo!

Anyway, so Adam and Amber have two black kitties.. Schitz and uhh.. yeah. So it might have been the other cat that farted, I really don't remember. I have never smelled cat fart in my life and I never want to. My friend's dog farted once though.. that cleared the room good. Who would have known that a doggie could fart so badly.

Adam and Amber you guys should post on the forums more often, c'mon!

said AleX





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