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on 01-20-2006


I used to work with Jim at my current workplace. He was the assistant manager at our store before he became the manager of another store. He is a comic book and sci-fi geek, so it was always cool working with him. He told me this very amusing story over a year ago, but only now I finally made it into FARTS. It takes me a while sometimes, for stories to get their turn to become comics.

I don't know what the guy Jim was staring at looked like, so I drew him how I imagined him. He did wink at poor confused Jim, which is the best part. I still laugh remembering this story.

Anyway, we're still in the process of changing servers. It's all my fault it's taking so long. But SOON we will be on a better server and there shouldn't be any problems accessing the site (although it is possible we might be down during the final transfer).

Sometime after we finally change hosts, there will be some new interesting stuff on the site, so watch out!

said AleX

on 01-20-2006

See below.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! said Amy





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