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on 01-27-2006

Happy Birthday to my Alex!

Yes, it is Alex's birthday today, and STILL she slaves over a computer screen to entertain us all. No rest for the wicked, and Alex is wicked indeed.

This week's comic is a memory from only this Christmas season past. Alex found it cute that I delayed going to the washroom upon her request. I would bet good money that she would not find it so cute if my bladder exploded and we ended up with PEE EVERYWHERE!

Today also marks the first time I am known to be farting in a FARTS comic. I say "known" because there are likely other times when was, but no one noticed, so it did not make it in to the comic. How ladylike of Alex, to have been in so many farting-FARTS-comics before I make my stink-tacular entrance.

I would rant about the recent election in Canada, but I really do not care. As long as I possess the right to vote, then I will exercise my right to choose NOT to vote. If I do end up caring one of these days, then I certainly shall vote. At the moment, it makes little difference to me, so I do not bother myself with it.

What I DO enjoy about the Canadian political process, is the wealth of material our many political satire shows have to work with, especially during election time. I broke from my habit of not watching television, long enough to catch a few such shows during election season: "The Rick Mercer Report," "This Hour Has 22 Minutes," and "Royal Canadian Air Farce" mostly. Even people who do not care about politics can appreciate the fact that we Canadians can openly mock our national leaders (and prospectives) without fear of being investigated on suspiciton of anti-nationalistic sentiments, or whatever you want to call it.

"I, for one, welcome our new Conservative overlords."

No big punchlines this week. Every comic posted marks another week closer to the wedding, and the time when Alex and I will be moving in together at long last. It has been about two and a half years of waiting now; when it is over, I hope our past experiences allow us to better respect and cherish the time that we do have together.

Life is short, so grab the person you love and hold on to them for as long as you can.

Happy Birthday Alex, cheers to many more. There will be birthdays whether we want them or not, hopefully the majority will also be happy.

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