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on 02-03-2006

That'll learn 'em!

The sight of Alex brandishing a pen would be enough to scare off most mortals. Serves Nate right for tempting certain doom.

Recently, the comics have turned in to more of an "Alex's stories from work" sort of ordeal. This is largely because she draws the greater number of her comics during down-time at work, and the life of a full-time college student with a nearly full-time job leaves precious few sources of amusement from day-to-day. There are many stories written down that are just waiting to become FARTS comics, but a lot of them are more complicated, and would require more time of Alex than she has to dedicate to them. Most of her work stories are shorter and less complex, and thus make for more appropriate material while she struggles to keep up with homework and such.

Hooray for "free" entertainment!

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