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on 02-10-2006

Think about THAT next time you have some coke!

Kumi is quite a character. Expect to see more FARTS with her sometime. She is pretty fun to draw too. She is a cute Japanesse, yes.

This comic was sorta hard to make, as there were so many people to fit all in one frame. From left to right: Dave, Keith, Kumi, and me. Just in case, for those that this comics seems to small, click here for larger version. Now I just need to draw FARTS with Jenny, Roger and Renato and I will have all the people I ever worked with! Well, almost. I already have some comics planned with my other coworkers. I just hope FARTS will not become mainly a comic about my workplace, though. Sadly, I don't really see my friends at all anymore, outside of school or work. That is the life of the student who needs to pay for school.

My artwork has greatly improved the passed few months and I think it keeps on improving. It's pretty fun to go back through my archives and see how much I sucked compared to the right now. With the today's comic, I actually tried to be a little more realistic than usual. I think it came out well.

Scott has been helping me flat color several of the FARTS, which has been a great big help. I have become pretty lazy with rants though, and I haven't posted any for the last two weeks, letting Scott have the main and only rant. I might go back and comment on the passed comics, still.

Alright, I guess I will go to bed now. Scott got me BUFFY season 2,4 and 5 on DVD so I have been watching an episode before sleep everynight this week! WHOO! It's really fun :D Hopefully it will gimme some more vampire fighting dreams. Those are the best! :D

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