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on 02-17-2006


Once they got home, Adeel claimed he was completely calm during the whole getting lost and blamed the whole nevergettingtochicago on everything but himself. Sana rolled her eyes at him some more and then told me this story and we laughed for hours.

Sana and I have been friends for years. She's like my little sister. She appeared in a couple previous comics. She will probably appear in some more, but it might be a while again.

So Amy and I often joke around whenever we are driving to some new retively close destinations that we will end up in a different state. Sorta "Hey, man, why does it say Welcome to Iowa?" type of thing. I never really imagined it would actually happen to one of my friends though, so this makes it really damn funny for me (and Amy too).

Adeel is a funny kid, and I am sure he will be pissed off about this comics, if he actually checks out my comics. Hi Adeel. :) I know you will DENY everything, anyway. :P

Alrighty, I go sleep now.

But I will have some icecream first.

said AleX





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