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on 03-17-2006


I have said this to a lot of people, so there are a lot of people that could have been in this comic. In fact, it wasn't my idea to make this into a comic. People I said that to, who do read my comic tell me I should do FARTS outta that, so here we go. My buddy Vanessa hasn't been in any FARTS yet and I hang out with her a lot at the school, so yay for Vanessa! :D She knows nothing of this comic yet, so I bet she will be surprised to see herself in it. :P WHEE

I am exhausted and stressed out right now. It is my last semester of school ever and I am super busy working on my senior project and senior show, due THIS MONTH. EEK! I also think I lost a little bit of my sanity that I will never recover from all this..

Anyway, I still have to do some reading for class tomorrow so I go do that now... and pass out.

said AleX





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