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on 03-24-2006


aaand I just spent the last two hours finishing these FARTS instead of doing homework. This is going to be a long night.

As for this comic, it was written by my Scotty from his point of view. For me the concert was awesome, but yes, indeed it was pretty darn long. I don't think it was as long as it felt for Scott though. This comic took me really long to finish. I have been working on it for the last 3 weeks. A LOT of people in this comic.

I need to go work on schoolwork now.

said AleX

on 03-24-2006

Local H: Rock and Roll Professionals

This Local H concert was one of my all-time-favorites (and I've seen them about 10 or so times [though I've been a fan since about '96] - ya know, I should do a "concerts I've attended" inventory soon. Anyway...). It was about 2 hours long, and let me tell ya - it was 2 of the best hours EVER. Great venue. Great crowd. Great set. Lots of energy. Brian and Scott were right on. Everything just fell into place. Just very cool.

I was having such a blast during the show that I honestly forgot about AleX and Scott (suckers). Unfortunately, I did hear all the whining afterwards. I still had so much energy from the show though, so it didn't really matter to me (again: suckers). It was a good time, and definitely one of the best shows I've ever been to.

Oh! For the record: I do not rock the horns these days. I do, however, love to clap. And sing/chant along. Some of the best moments during Local H shows are when Scott stands up there and lets (encourages, even) fans to sing the words. It feels awesome to be part of the crowd during those moments.

Anyway, I could go on about how great Scott Lucas and Brian St. Clair are, but I'll wrap this up here.

Thanks for being so awesome, Local H. You make Chicago proud.

P.Sx1. Clearwater Theater is a great venue. I've seen the fellas there twice already, soon to be 3 times.
P.Sx2. This was also the time I fell on the stairs 'cause you couldn't see the last step. Bastards. Good thing I had a cold beer to ice the knee. Tee hee.

said Amy





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