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on 04-07-2006


The cute comic next to this post is a surprise guestie from SamNoodles of Random Assembly! She actually sent this to me last week, when I had my senior show. Aww, so thoughtful of her. :) I didn't use it then because I didn't want to have a guestie up the day people are coming to check my comics (my senior graphic design project was about Biscuit Press). But this week I still haven't recovered from the havoc of the senior show, plus I had busy-ness of needing to catch up with all my other classes, so guestie goes up today. Thank you Noodles, for your cute guestie. Thanks to you I still have an ability to get sleep this week :D

It is very cool to see Amy drawn by someone else than me. Look, Amy you're famous!! :D Amy hasn't been in FARTS for like 20 weeks, and not she is getting 3 in row! WHOOO!

said AleX

on 04-07-2006

Tee hee.

Awwwww. Too awesome. Thanks, Sam! You people draw me way too cute though. Oh, and the rhyme that's featured in her guestie is something I actually said somewhere in the forums. Whoever finds it will get...uh...let's see. What's something crappy I can give as a prize? Err. Hmmm. Well, let me think about it. And since I'm well aware that there are a few ways to cheat and find the rhyme, the prize will be ultra crappy. Aaaaand GO! said Amy





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