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on 04-14-2006

Well, she is!

Natalie Portman: Perpetually alluring, even while sporting a buzz-cut. She also typically makes her career out of being a mediocre actress, but her performance in "V for Vendetta" was well above par for her. On that note, I enjoyed this movie quite thoroughly. I am not going to say everyone should go see it, but I will say that everyone should at least consider seeing it. And by "everyone" I mean "everyone who actually reads these words".

Also, Hugo Weaving has quite the ideal voice for the role of V; just the right amount of dramatic intonation to compensate for the lack of facial expressions for his character in this movie.

If anyone reading this does not know who Hugo Weaving is, then I suggest you get your head checked, and mosey on over to IMDB to look him up. While you are there, look up Paul Giamatti as well. So many people know him by face, and so few by name.

I normally do not rant about movies, because MOST movies released in the past decade or more truly suck... in a bad way. That is why "V for Vendetta" is such a pleasant departure from the lacklustre norm. Comic-to-movie adaptations are a dangerous weapon, though. Just look at how shatty "Daredevil" was; and that goes double for "Elektra".

Yeah. Natalie Portman is hot, my Alexandra is hotter still, and I cannot make an obscure reference to save my life when I am short on sleep. *gestures toward today's comic* I hope everyone enjoys laughing at my dumbassery.

said Scott

on 04-14-2006

My eyes itch.

Natalie Portman is annoying. said Amy

on 04-14-2006


Scott not only called me a cow, but now called me annoying! He suuuuure knows how to romance a girl. *stare*

By the way this comic was scripted by Scott. Yaay.

I really do hate Natalie Portman. The main single reason to that is that MY Scott digs her.


said AleX





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