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on 04-21-2006

Not their real names

Yes, in order to hide their identities, April and Phil's names were altered to be something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than they are in reality, since they are on the witness protection program, and all. Yep. Apriol and Phiol.

Oh man, I am so slick!

It takes Alex seventy-six comics to actually put April in one (not counting her appearance in the art section) and she does not even get a single line. Sounds like a BURN to me.

Of course I jest. April, Phil, you know we love you guys. <3

It is also Stanley Cup Playoffs time, for the only sport that actually matters. I do not care which team wins, so long as that team is Canadian. The cup has not been back home since 1993, and that is just sad; we should really do something about this situation, and I certainly hope 2006 is the year for us.

And would it not be grand if the final matchup was between two Canadian teams? Oh yeah! What I would not give to see Ottawa versus Edmonton, or Calgary versus Montreal, in the Stanley Cup finals. Myself and every other self-respecting Canadian would love this, and the American television networks would loathe it. But nuts to them. We want our cup back, and we are coming for it, just you watch!

said Scott





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