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on 05-05-2006


Some of you who saw the comic Friday morning, would notice the lack of rant. The reason is that after posting it I just went sleep. I couldn't start working on it till like midnight so I was up till almost 3AM finishing it.

My scanner stopped being usable a few weeks ago, so I had to scan my stuff at school. My scanner was old anyway and I have been meaning to get a new one for a year or so. This thing always had problems scanning at 300 resolution. Whenever I scanned anything over 150 my scanner would ask me if that's really what I want. It would tell me "c'mon, you don't really need all this resolution. How about I just resize it back to 150?" Bastard. So I have been using the school scanner, but with school being over I had to buy me a scanner. Man, what the hell is going on with all those dinky little scanners that scan only up to 8x10? What happened wih the bigger scanners, WTF? Best Buy had only ONE freaking scanner in stock. I ended up getting me a nice HP scanner on sale from Office Max. Go OFFICE MAX, GO!

Anyway, speaking of school -- I GRADUATED!! WHOOOOOHOO!!!

Scott was here for almost a week and we had a mini-vacation together. I love my Scotty so much. He makes me feel sooo good. I can't get anything done when he is around though. All I do is relax and be stupidly happy :)


said AleX

on 05-05-2006


Alex acts like she was disgusted, but she actually laughed her ass off pretty good at that one. I rock...sometimes. said Amy





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