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on 05-12-2006

First of all, I have an announcement:

F.A.R.T.S. has moved to a new website! Yes, you are on it right now. There is a redirect set up at biscuitpress.com, however Biscuit Press is in the middle of changing servers so the redirect may not work all the time. Change your bookmark to farts.alexkujawa.com
Whether or not I will move back to biscuitpress.com, I am not certain. I will stay on alexkujawa.com for a while though.

There will be some other stuff on alexkujawa.com soon. I will make an announcement in a FARTS rant once things happen. ;)

So, about today's comic... Dave is unfortunately no longer my manager :( He has moved away to a different store. Frank is the manager at my location now... and yes, he still remembers the first-born thing. I will probably not stay around at the camera place much longer. I graduated and gotto get me a job I went to school for. Growing up is scary!

ANYWAY, even though I don't get to work with Dave anymore, he has been involved in a lot of funny things in the past, and he will still appear in comics. :P


PS. Mom W. and Rachel (I only know one Rachel, so yes, it's you!), I dedicate this link to you. ^^
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