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on 05-26-2006


It is 3AM, everyone. I worked late on the comic so that you guys would still have it Friday morning. Yaaay.

This thing with Amy happened a few years ago. I wasn't there, so this is my interpretation of what she told me. The song she was raping with a metal voice was of course "Creep" by Radiohead (one of my personal favorite songs ever). I wish I was there to hear Amy roar it.. and then to witness her embarrasment and astonishment of her neighbors being in the car next to hers, laughing their asses at her. hehehe

Last week I said I will have a little announcement, so here it is: I have a little announcement: I started another webcomic-thing project. You can find it here. It will update at least 3 times a week for at least half a year. It's very different from FARTS.

Another thing, Biscuit Press forum will be back within the next couple of days. We just moved to the new shiny server, yaaaay!

Okay, I seriously go sleep now.

said AleX

on 05-26-2006

I'm a rock star.

Yeeeaaah, this was pretty embarrassing. I was actually with another person, and she was driving, and we were both singing, but she's not important to the story. The rest is true. A friend's dad yelled, "Shut up, Amy!" as her younger brother laughed his ass off. Boy, was I red. said Amy

on 05-26-2006

Crap. I broke something.

Dunno what happened, but Alex's post/rant disappeared. All I know is I didn't do it!!! And, for the record, I love this Radiohead song. But screaming it was awesome. The "r" word is too strong, though. I just modified it. said Amy

on 05-26-2006

Worry not, Amy.

AleX fixed it! said AleX





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