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on 07-28-2006


I know that there have been a lot of farts in my comics lately. I had only one person (Keith) complaining for going on with one story forever, but then again I have only about 20 out of my 2000 readers communicating with me. It’s been a busy month. I have been working two jobs and I am STILL adjusting to getting up at 6AM five days a week. This is why you guys were stuck with so much farting lately. The WhaTiF farts were visible story thing was sort of a filler thing, (and I may still come back to it someday). BUT NOW, there won’t be any more actual farts in FARTS for a while now. I figure I’d ease back into normal FARTS with a burp story though ;)

Speaking of this week’s comic… Keith is quite a character. There will be at least two more stories with him as the star. And yes, I do burp at work. I burp around my friends, and I consider my coworkers friends (aww, say it with me “awww“). I don’t burp to compete with the guys or to prove any sort of point or to look “cool” or something. I do it to relieve myself. Yes. Keith takes it as another opportunity for competition.

So after Keith burped the awesomeness loudest longest burp ever… as a customer walked into the store… This little lady came in to pick up her prints, and claiming she was traumatized, she demanded them free. Of course it was all jokes and laughs. It was especially hilarious watching Keith try to get out of this one. He did this by blaming me for provoking him into burp competition, which he admitted I usually win.

There has been a longest time when I was the only female worker at our location. Now there are two other girls, Kumi and Jenny. All my coworkers are interesting people and we all like each other. Weird to think, I am the last person standing now, when it comes to the original crew when I was first hired. Even the awesome manager, Dave, has moved on. I will be moving on soon, too. I am down to working only one day a week at the photo camera place while I work full-time at the pre-press nerd awesomeness. No one at my new job knows of this comic yet. bwahaha

I have been doing some advertising at a place I usually advertise at, and I gotto say, this is probably the best ad-run I had so far. Welcome new readers! Please consider joining the Biscuit Press forums and talk with us!

said AleX

on 07-28-2006


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Awesome. Wait, is this at your new job or at the old? said Amy

on 07-28-2006

To Amy

Old job, man. My new job involves cubicles, computers, and lack of customers. said AleX





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