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on 08-04-2006

Goths On Wheels

"These are both boys." Hahahahahahaha. Yeah, this was pretty funny. We're just chillin' on the swings at the park, and these two "goth" boys come rolling by on their rollerblades. "Life is hell. 'Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.' Weeeeeeeee! I'm going so fast! Wooooo!" said Amy

on 08-04-2006

Of questionable gender

Hot Topic is lame. I see more eleven year old girls dressed in pink going in there than I see the ones who actually dress like they shop there. Just opposite faces of the coin that is comformity.

And the last time I checked, cargo pants and hoodie sweaters were not the attire of choice for rollerbladers. I do not know what sort of statement they think they are making, the only statement I see goes something like "I am incapable of making decisions without external influence."

And if anyone has any choice words to say to me regarding this, please feel free to send me an email. I would be glad to rebut with a picture of me flipping you off.

That is all.

said Scott

on 08-04-2006

The attack of Goths on Rollerblades!

First of all, I wear black everyday. I do dark-circles-around-eyes makeup whenever I am awake enough in the morning to do it. I am pale and I like it that way. I wear fishnet shirts all the time. I look goth. Yes. I went through the "life is pain, I will write some dark angst poetry" phase myself and I don't think there is anything wrong with that as long as you do it for yourself and not for others (although I think I did that a little before I went goth-looking). I still occasionally shop at Hot Topic, but they no longer carry the classical goth look I like. It's all semi-punk now. No more pretty corsets! Bastards! :( Anyway shopping in Hot Topic doesn’t make anyone “cool” or “uncool” in my book, unless you obsess about it. Anything taken to the extreme is lame.

There are many types of goth kids, just as there are many type of kids. I generally enjoy looking at goth kids.. but just as with chearleader-BritneySpearsFANS sometimes it looks like goths are trying TOO hard to look TOO COOL. When you spend two hours daily on preparing your looks, and especially if you are not a girl, then you put way too much importance on your looks. This sorta goes for the two goth kids I saw and drew in this comic.

In this comic I am not making fun here of all goths in general.. I am laughing at these two particular Goth kids who looked like they spent two hours on putting on makeup and picking out expensive Hot Topic outfits just to go sweat it all out rollerblading. Now this is just as ridiculous as seeing a prom queen going for a jog in her dress.. and her sprayed hairdue.. and her beauty queen makeup.. Those two just looked funny. A part of me wonders if they went rollerblading like that as a joke.

Why oh why would they spend all this time dressing up as if they were going to a concert or some kind of party just to go engage in sporty recreational activity? They did this to look cool. They did this because they wanted others to think they were hardcore goth. They knew that their makeup/hairdo/clothes dictate what people think of them. But goth look is generally not associated with sport of any kind. So there. Contradication. Funny. Whoo.

Man, that was a long rant. I felt like I had to explain myself since I got a couple of emails from the fans who thought I was attacking goths. Btw, if you have emailed me on my old email, chances are I either not have gotten it, or my reply was never delivered to you. I am sorry for this. The gmail account works wonderful and there shouldn't be any problems with it. Feel free to email me and please consider joining the forums.

said AleX





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