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on 08-12-2006

Whoo Summer.

So I had a busy (but pretty good) week. A couple unexpected nice things happened, that made the comic a day late. Oh well. I don't like being late with the comic, but sometimes it is all for the best. I don't pull all-nighters, ever.

I went to Wizard World last weekend with a couple good friends. It was lotsa fun. I might have some photos to post later. I met some cool people, saw some cool-looking people, and bought some cool stuff.

I met Gordon of Multiplex! A very cool guy. I had no idea he was from Chicagoland. Let us hope he will have a book out soon. You can't see all the awesome detail of his strips on your tiny computer screen. Pay attention to his backgrounds. Most of the time something amusing is happening there.

I also chatted a bit with the biggest inspiration to me, David Mack. Man, David Mack is just so damnfreakinawesome! This guy is successful and well-known, working for Marvel, but he still gets a table in Artist Alley each and every year (this was his 14th in the row) with the little people. I bought two prints off him and he gave me a free poster. There was a girl looking through his graphic novels and bought his first KABUKI. She was digging hard for change to be able to pay for his big book so she really wanted it. It was the last thing she would buy that day. She barely had the money for it. David asked her if she ever heard of KABUKI before, and she said no... So he just gave her a bunch of his new issues for FREE!

Now, now, if you see David’s Mack table at a con, do not abuse his good heart and try to make him give you free stuff. As nice as this guy is, I would never want to see him pissed off. He’d pull deadly ninja moves on you, I swear!

I feel like I need to mention some really talented people I met at the Wizard World that I never heard of before. First of, Kelly Howlett's art is very nice (hot). You can tell she was heavily influenced by David Mack (and probably some Picasso). I bought this print from her. I'd like to see her try to make some comics, even if something short. It would be awesome if she could come out with an art book.

I also bought a print off Thomas Kelly. I wanted to go back to get some more, but I couldn't find his table again. He disappeared! Anyway, his art/design sorta blew my mind. Very talented individual. I find great inspiration in what he creates. Yes yes.

Also, check out Geekocracy.org, the home of the superhero penguin! I know there isn't all that much on the site yet, and it's a little hard to look through, but I hope there will be more stuff there soon.

Got any questions for me, or anything to say? Email me (email listed below) or do join the forums!

So yes, that is all.

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