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on 10-20-2006


This thing actually took place on a Sunday, two days after FARTS #96 was put up. I thought this little story was perfect for FARTS#97. You could write a similarities and differences high-school level essay on these two. I wonder if I lost any vegetarian/vegan readers over these two FARTS. I wonder if I even ever had any vegetarian/vegan readers…

said AleX

on 10-20-2006

True Story

Well, they are all true stories; some more true than others.

I have been very busy with work for a while now, such is life. As Alex said, the reality component of this comic happened just two days after FARTS #96 was posted, BEFORE I even saw that comic. Truly Alex and I are meant for one another.

Comic number the one-hundredth is mere weeks away. I had originally hoped that Alex and I would be married by now, and that comic number one-hundred could be a "we're married!" sort of event; but various delays have prevented this possibility. It is really a rather minor weave in the grand tapestry of life, but it would have been nice.

Alex did a magnificent job on my character's facial expressions in this comic, particularly in the last frame. My co-worker, who shall remain nameless at his request, has taken on a "generic black guy" look. Alex has never met him, and I had no pictures of him to give her in time for the comic to be made. Perhaps in months to come, I will bug Alex enough to re-draw his character to be more accurate, but we shall see if either of us care enough about it at that time (probably not).

Also, his actual response to my comment was not merely to raise one eyebrow. In reality, he nearly choked on a mouthful of sandwich, and when he had finally managed to catch his breath after laughing quite loudly, he said "That's f---in' funny!" and laughed some more.

Note: He did not actually pronounce the hyphens. /obvious

I personally do not care if vegetarians and/or vegans and/or "fruitarians" complain about all the recent meat references in this comic. I have news for you all: Life feeds on life. Until your cells evolve chloroplasts or something similar, you will be required to consume another form of life to sustain your own.

Take a good, long, open-minded read of the lyrics to "Disgustipated" by Tool. There is more truth in that song than the combined testament of all the vegans and/or vegetarians I have ever spoken to in my life. I would group the "fruitarians" in that sentence as well, if I had ever spoken to one. Somehow I imagine it would not be much of a conversation, as I would likely be consumed with uncontrollable laughter before being able to retort.

Maddox agrees with me.

Now I will stop ranting before I irritate any more whiny minorities.

Hope you all enjoyed the comic. I know I did.

said Scott





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