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on 11-03-2006


FARTS #98. Pretty crazy. You know what else is crazy? French bread pizza. Crazy GOOD. Well, anyway, the last frame is my favorite. Kick her ass, Jenny! FINISH HER! said Amy

on 11-03-2006

Jenny is little.

She is only 4’11” That is why people don’t expect Jenny to be a little vicious wolverine, that she is. She is STRONG for a little girl. Oh crap, she is so kicking my ass now for calling her a “little girl!”

Just look at her! (photo taken last year and posted with Jenny’s permission)VICIOUS!

Anyway.. Jenny works with me at the Camera Store and she did appear in a couple of previous FARTS (and one guestie), one of these FARTS having her wrestling Kumi. She’s studying to be a cop! That is cute and scary. And yes, I know she is kicking my ass for saying so.

I run away now!

said AleX





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