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on 11-10-2006


So now all of my Camera Store coworkers have made an appearance in FARTS: Dave (previous boss), Frank (new manager), Jim, Adam, Kumi, Jenny, Keith, Roger and now Renato. Oh, and Nate made an appearance once, or even twice rather. Dave has been in most of the comics. He is basically main cast right after me, Scott and Amy. There will be some more comics with Dave later, I am sure. Adam, Frank, Kumi, Jenny, Keith and possibly Roger will appear in some more comics, too. As for Renato and Jim, I no longer see those guys, so I am not sure. Renato is a funny guy, but itís hard to translate his humor into the comic. Itís mostly ďyouíd have to be thereĒ type of funny stuff that could work out better as an animation or a life-action movie. I was worried this comic wouldnít work out either, but somehow it did. It turned out better than I expected art-wise, too. I was in a hurry with this one. I had several things to do this week, and I needed it all done by Thursday. Scott is visiting from Canadia! WHOOHOO!

I work in the Camera Store on (most) Sundays only, now. I have an 8-to-5 full-time job in my (whoohoo!) field (graphic design). Since my work deals with sitting in front of computer in a cubicle, I donít get as much interaction with my new coworkers, and thus opportunity for funny developments is much lessened. So far only one of my coworkers knows of this comic, too. Iím so secretive! There probably will be some strips based on the happenings at my new job, I am sure.

Hmm... I will tell you right now: I am not sure if I will be able to make FARTS for next week. Fear not, there will be a comic up, but it may not be usual FARTS. I am still not sure what to do for #100 (or if it would be anything special) and I have several other things I need to get done by next Friday.

Happy Weekend!

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