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on 12-00-2006


Sam celebrated the "`200" comics of Random Assembly here. It is sorta 200 because the archives counted in guesties and fillers. She might have a couple more months to go to have an actual 200 Random Assemblies. Nevertheless, THIS IS something to celebrate. I think revealing who the Pants Commando is, is a great way to commence the 200. Excellent. Look at her pretty archives. Random Assembly has been around since 2002! It is really cool to see how Sam's art has evolved and improved. Go Sam!

There is a lot of accomplishements in the Biscuit Press this year. Annie has celebrate her 5 years of I'm Blue not so long ago, Sam got her 200 comics, I got my 100 FARTS, Larry got a book out, so did Lee, and Phil launched his I'm Just Drinking. Lotsa celebration all around!

So anyway, why this ending didn't make it to the comic? Well, I sorta changed my mind the last minute and thought the singing Scott and Squirrel Dan were funnier. The congratulations to Random Assembly sorta came to me after FARTS#100 was up already and it fits the alternate ending quite well. Check out Random Assembly if you haven't yet. Do it!

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