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on 12-01-2006


Wow, I made a 100 FARTS, that is awesome! Secret be known: I was planning on quitting this comic once it hit 100 if the amount of my regular readers weren’t close to a certain number. I am still a little short of this glorious number, but I am close enough to feel motivated that I am doing something right with this comic. So I am not quitting yet! It is too much fun working on this comic. My art style has greatly improved since I first started. It is still going to change and evolve as I go on.

It took me a while to figure out a fitting 100 FARTS story. I thought the meeting of Biscuit Press characters would be a great thing to draw for the 100th strip, especially since Sam and Lee have never appeared in FARTS before. I wish Amy would have been there too, but I had to stick with to the actual authentic real true story!

Sterling, Squirrel Dan, Sam and Lee all hung out with Scott and I in Chicago while they were visiting to see an art show in Navy Pier. Other than the whole confusion with finding each other in Chicago (they couldn’t stay in one spot, damnit!) it was pretty fun times… Actually IT WAS pretty funny how we couldn’t find each other. Yes.

Sam was really scary when she turned and saw us and started running towards us, shrieking with joy, her arms spread in attempt to brutally attack us with a hug. I thought she was going to spin me! Noooo! Actually this strip was originally involved exclusively around this incident. I have this mostly drawn and colored so if you’d like me to post the alternate ending of this comic, tell me on the forums or by email :P (I might need more than 10 people to tell me to do it to really motivate me)

Lee gave the funniest and longest “deer in the headlights” stare for no apparent reason. I wish I took photos!

Squirrel Dan looks just like Sam draws him except no Squirrel suit (yet). I think Scott and him hit it off in their endless comedy cartoon references. I was so confused when (in response to something Sterling said) Scott and Dan simultaneously started singing about pissing on an electric fence. I really didn’t know what was going on… Later Scott explained that it was an old cartoon “The Ren and Stimpy Show” reference. He didn't remember WHY he was singing about it, though. Sterling, what did you say?

I really like how this strip came out and it was actually pretty easy working on it. I am getting better! :D Happy 100 to me! I would appreciate happy 100 wishes in the mail! ;) Tell me what you like about FARTS so far and if there is anything you'd like to see in my comics.

said AleX

on 12-01-2006


I don't have much to say or add, so yeah. Congrats on your 100th FARTS, Alex. said Amy

on 12-01-2006


... can be seen if you click right here. said AleX





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