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on 12-08-2006


Are you reading my rants BEFORE you read my comic? Stop that! Stop that now! There are usually spoilers in my rants. Read my comic first, DAMNIT!

Okay, so.. It is super late and it took me longer than I hoped to finish this comic. I am still going to rant before going to sleep because I feel like I should, but it may be short and with little to no sense.

I received more fanmail last week than the entire two years of my webcomic's existance combined. Thank you everyone for making me feel good about FARTS!! I've got a lot of requests to post the alternate ending to FARTS#100. I WILL post it, but it will have to wait till sometime this weekend. I was hoping to post it with this rant, but finishing FARTS#101 came before whipping up the alternate ending to previous FARTS. I will probably post the thing unfinished anyway (as in probably unshaded or uncolored).. but right now it is not in a shape to be posted even if unfinished.. and maybe now I will have more time to make it look better. Okay, I really need to go sleep now.

Oh wait, one more thing. This little incident illustrated in this week's comic happen not so long ago... Soon after I created this page and shared it with Amy. It is based on a scary dream I had of Amy chasing me with a knife, trying to stab me to death. I probably wouldn't get as freaked out by Amy if I didn't have that dream a few days before. I guess it was Amy's pay back to all the things I put her though.

Now sleep good.


PS. BTW you can now fanmail email AMY () !!
said AleX

on 12-08-2006

Spatulas are deadly.

See, this is what happens when you tell me your nightmares. I try my possible best to make them come true. said Amy

on 12-08-2006


... can be seen if you click right here. said AleX





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