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on 12-15-2006


I was up late last night working on the comic. When I woke up, I realized I forgot to eat dinner last night. This was, of course, noticed by my very polish mom and I got scolded. See, what I go through to get this comic done on time? Hah.

Once again, do not read this rant, before you read the comic, I am about to break it down!

So this little incident happened over a year ago. I was not present, I only heard of it from those who witnessed it (mainly Peter). The story (or as best I remember it) went like this: Peter was sent to another store to help out. Some Asian guy comes in asking for nightvision binoculars. The store had only one type of those, two left – one was a demo on the display, the other one was a brand new one in the box. In order to show the guy how the thing works, Peter put in batteries… suddenly he noticed a little black smoke coming out of this thing, two seconds later a little flame shot up. Peter screamed and threw the binocular into some kids. The fire went out as it hit the floor. Regardless of the spontaneous combustion of the nightvision binocular (which actually is a monocular) somehow the Asian guy bought this item anyway (the new one, in the box).

I think this is an awesome story and a fine example of the reason why I like working in the Camera Store so much and (even though I have an another much better full-time job) I haven’t quit it yet!

Peter appeared in FARTS way back and probably will make one more comic again. He hasn't worked in the Camera Store for a few months now, but the Peter stories still remain.

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