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on 12-22-2006

So that didn't work out...

After that I started laughing. Roger made some motions with his fists that he would beat me up for quitting. Well, a lot of people were actually surprised that I still work in the Camera Store, even though I got me "THE REAL JOB" back in July. As much as I enjoy hanging out with my Camera Store coworkers on the Sundays, I really think it is time for me to let it go and get some time for myself and stuff (such as getting married).

The week after the failed attempt to give my notice, I tried again and succeeded. It is superhard to quit a job that one enjoys. I am still going to work throughout January, but after that I am done. I am sure I will still come and stop by and hang out with my awesome coworkers.

Anyway, I go sleep now. I still don't know what comic I will have for next week and it is possible that I will not have much time to work on it. Please forgive me if I am not able to post something next week.

I hope everyone will have/is having a good holiday time. I have the next week off and I am spending it with my Scott :)

So, marry Christmas!

said AleX





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