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on 12-29-2006

The final FARTS of 2006

I could rant, oh could I ever rant; but I am not going to. It has all been said before.

Alex has kindly given me this comic as an opportunity to tell a story, with her help. Though the comic is not so much about the story as it is about her reaction to the story when she heard me tell it. Hopefully, you the reader shall appreciate and be amused by both of these facets of today's comic reel. One of these days (years) I will get my own rubber stamp to that effect, and I will use it, though I am not a card person.

This is a relatively short rant for me, and I will have to end it as such, lest it become a needlessly long-winded rant about various things related to this time of year.

So another year of FARTS come and gone. When will the madness end? Never, I hope.

Until next year.

said Scott





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