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on 01-06-2007


The little story illustrated actually happened only last week. I took a week off both works and had a nice vacation with my Canadian. I think I gained like 10 pounds during it. It all goes into the ass. I can't fit most of my pants anymore!

The little card with the music was send to my grandparents in Poland. Did I ever mention that I am NOT a card person? Well, I am not a card person. That is why my holiday greeting cards (if I send any) are usually late. If you (family and friends) are frustrated at me for not sending greeting cards even though you do every year, please do not take it personally. Just write me an email or a letter instead. I will reply to that.

I do dig personalized greeting cards. Thank you Sam and Lee for cool Christmas cards you guys sent me!

Okay, now that the Winter Festivities are over, I am hoping for Spring to come soon and pretty weather to allow me to enjoy life just a little more. It has been a snowless winter so far, but is it STILL winter and snow & freezing cold may still come. Hmm, we did get some snow in early Fall this year though, so maybe we will still get a snowstorn in like JULY. The end of the world is approaching and everyone is ignoring the signs. Doom doomdoomdoom!DOOM!

I go sleep now.

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