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on 01-12-2007


This happened a while ago. I thought Scottís reaction was hilarious, actually, but only after I hit him.

When Scott and I first became interested in each other, I told him that I will probably turn out to be a husband batterer. I realized this while taking a high school psychology during a spousal abuse chapter. According to all the symptoms and personal history, I was going to beat my man. Good thing Scott is my man because he is a big tough Canadian and finds my abuse endearing rather than frightful. Afterall itís not like I will use anything other than my own weak skinny girl fists to beat his assÖ and I only punch him when he deserves it. I love you Scotty!

As for the comic, I donít like the background. I need to prepare myself better next time and actually take photographs.

So Scott has been in three FARTS in a row now. I enjoyed drawing him more than anyone, actually. I donít have any FARTS planned yet for next week, but maybe Scott will be in those too.. although probably not.

My birthday is coming up (Jan 27th) and I am considering not posting the regular FARTS for it. Weíll see. Maybe Amy will finally make me another guestie! ().

said AleX

on 01-12-2007


I hate it when she does that, and she does it more often than you think.

said Scott





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