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on 01-19-2007


This illustrated story took place a couple of years ago. I was somehow reminded of it while thinking of comic ideas and thought it was perfect! Itís good that my parents donít read my comics, otherwise it is possible Iíd be in trouble. :)

Anyway, I didnít actually see this happen, but I remember that I did hear my parents yell, although I wasnít sure what about (most Polish people I know yell all the time anyway -- it is the way they converse, so I usually donít think much of it). When later I came downstairs I found my parents in the living room. My mom was sitting on the couch with her arms folded looking annoyed. My dad told me what happened while laughing a little. And this is how my Mom is awesome sometimesÖ in this crazy-funny way. That doesnít happen too often, unfortunately.

I am pretty darn happy with the way this comic came out, although I noticed I didnít center my text properly in the word balloons. I will probably fix that and some other minor things later. I was up two hours passed my bedtime last night finishing it up. Thatís right, I have a bedtime because I have to get up early to work everyday (except SaturdayÖ mmm Saturday.. I am so sleeping in tomorrow!).

I am hoping to get a little FARTS book or two out by the summer. Perhaps YOU awesome people could help me decide which strips to put in there. What are some of your favorite FARTS? I will probably redraw some of the old comics before putting it in a book. My style has improved GREATLY since I first started this webcomic.. and some of my comics are unfortunately not formatted to be printed. I will greatly appreciate your input.

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