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on 01-26-2007


So since it is my birthday this week (tomorrow) I decided to be lazy and not draw FARTS for this week. I have been bugging my best friend Amy to make me a guestie for a year or so now. She has been the very first person who made me a guestie, and it was really awesome and funny, yes! Amy may not be a webcomic artist, but she is awesome! I had no idea what the guestie was about until I got it this morning. I think it is adorable. I am a little surprised by it though. Let me explain why.

Yes, it is true that I tell Amy I love her all the time and jokingly make advances towards her. It usually goes like this “I love you, Amy! You are my best friend!” And Amy responds “Yeah, that’s nice. Go. Away.” or just high fives me instead of a hug. Aww, Amy’s so cute! I used to try to turn Amy gay so we could run away together. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and now it is too late for Amy. She had her chance. Now I belong to Scott. Scott used to find Amy threatening. It was pretty funny. (and he had a good reason for it) I love you, Scott!

So yes, it is pretty amazing that in this comic Amy says she loves me back. You see, that happens only about one out of 100 times I tell HER I love her. So yes, this it pretty BIG. I LOVE YOU AMY! Thank you so much for the awesomely cute guestie! You rock!

said AleX

on 01-26-2007

Guestie # 2 by Me

It's true. Usually, when Alex says those things, I just say, "Yeah. Thaaat's really great." Then, when she tries to give me a hug or a kiss, I'll slowly push her head away. There are a few times (i.e. special occasions) I'll say, "Awww. I love you, too," but THEN she goes crazy.

Well, anyway, hope you guys dig the "comic." Nothing extravagant or artistic, but it's still true! And kind of cute. Right? At least give me that! C'mon!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX! <3<3<3 Much love.
said Amy





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