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on 02-02-2007

Here's the late rant...

My favorite part of this comic is frame three. Best dialog ever.

Thatís Roger, by the way.

So yes, it is the football season and I am really not into any sports, really. This is why I will be working on the Super Bowl Sunday while everyone else will be watching the game. Good for me, because it should be pretty dead at the mall where the Camera Store is, so I will be taking it easy. Itís not like working at the Camera Store is really ďworkĒ for me anyway; itís more like a hangout with friends. The photo lab isnít really too busy right now, although I bet it will pick up soon after this Sunday. I imagine Chicago downtown is going to be crazy.. and I am NOT going to be there. :)

Yup, so if you're from around here, good luck Bears, and everyone else -- watch out for the drunkies on the roads.

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