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on 02-16-2007


There was nothing inside that cage on Robyn's desk.. The cage was just decoration. I think she was transporting it from somewhere and forgot to take it home. Either way, that cage stayed on her desk for a couple of weeks.

Sorry for some crappy photos there, I was using my cellphone to take them. I have one better quality photo taken by my camera, but it's not as funny as the one used in the comic. See another photo of the monkey here.

I actually put something else inside that cage before the monkey got there. The first thing I put in there was a little cut out glorified stick figure of a guy holding the cage bars, looking sad and saying "Help me!" You can see a crappy cellphone photo of it here. The guy was white so he wasn't that easy to notice inside that cage. Robyn found him and for about a week she was trying to figure out who put it there. No one knew it was me, and no one suspected me either :) . After I put the monkey in there, she came over and asked if it was me, because she saw me drawing once. Nevertheless there was still a little of a mystery to the monkey in the cage. It was fun.

Welcome all Robyn's friends! Hope you will actually come back and check my comics even if Robyn's stuff isn't in it anymore! There's a new comic up here every Friday!

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