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on 02-23-2007


This actually isn’t the strip I originally planned for today. It’s less funny, too. Due to things (or rather people) out of my control, turns out I didn’t have enough time to make the originally planned strip, so I had to make something else really fast. Here it is. Hopefully you guys will find it at least a little amusing. I had trouble converting it into a comic in a way I thought would be effective…

So Dave was pretty happy that he answered that phone call. The “legally blind” customer was actually someone that Dave dealt with in the past. Dave sold him a pair of binoculars so that the guy would use them to read (which was pretty neat, I thought). It is still strange that he’d want to do photography though… Keith would have probably just hung up the phone on the guy, thinking it was a joke.

Alright, I go sleep now. I might post another rant post later.

said AleX

on 02-23-2007


Here's something quite interesting that was brought to my attention. said AleX





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