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on 03-02-2007


This comic references this comic. This comic was supposed to be here last week, but I realized I would not be able to finish it on time. It’s pretty long as you can see. I guess that is making up a little for the last week’s comic, which I now regard as a failure in conveying the humor of the situation (but art was good!). With FARTS#111 I am pretty sure you laughed, at least once! :)

A busy (but nice) weekend is ahead of me.. or rather is starting in about 15 minutes (WHOOO!!) (Althought I will have to delay posting this newspot till later tonight or even Saturday morning.) Sana's birthday was this week, and I will be hanging out with her Saturday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, SANA!

Check this out, AleX (or, well, I) made an appearance in another webcomic! (warning: free site; there might be some pop outs). Very cute! Nadine, the author, actually emailed me asking if it’s okay if she has me in one of her strips. She just recently started working on the comic and I think she has some great potential! It seems like in some way I inspired her to start her own webcomic -- which makes me feel both honored and happy. So check out her crazy little comic!

So after two years of this website’s current design/layout’s existence I get an email from a brand new fan letting me know of a big giant glaring typo on my comic pages. What the hell!?! Why no one else told me this?! Thank you Paul, whose native language isn’t even English! I corrected the typo a few days ago and changed the image on top of the comic pages. If these pages seem a little different now, they are. The top isn’t as busy with ornament swirlies and the word “interpreted” is now spelled correctly.

In other news, NIN is doing some pretty freaking crazy damn genius stuff with the new album. I wish I was into all this from the beginning. Viral marketting kicks ass.

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