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on 03-09-2007

That was nine months ago...

I really couldn’t understand what Adam was saying. He was too excited and the cell phone reception wasn’t perfect. Other than “bath,” and two meanings of “bat,” I think I also heard a “dot” in there. hah Well, it’s too late to illustrate it now. I was running a little late with the comic. I still made it on time, but I was hurrying it up. I had a pretty busy week and I was feeling a little too exhausted to draw on Wednesday. I feel like this comic needed a little more time to develop, but oh well.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ADAM & AMBER! I saw their baby a day after it was born. He is super-cute! He is a huge newborn though -- looks more like a 2-month old. Poor Amber was exhausted when I came to visit them. The baby was pretty well-behaved, though, and let us hope it will stay that way. He is so cute! He was smiling a lot, looking around with his black eyes and making faces at people. :)

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