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on 03-30-2007


If you thought that the “Payless Tales of Terror” FARTS series was over, you were wrong!
That is if you remember of it ever taking place. It has been about two years, since the last one of those. I am sure there will be at least one more, once I remember any other weird FARTS-worthy things happening at that job.

To refresh your memory click below to see the previous installments of this little FARTS series:
Payless Tales of Terror I (November of 2004; also the original FIRST FARTS ever)
Payless Tales of Terror II (March of 2005)
Payless Tales of Terror III (May of 2005)

Payless has been my second worst job ever. It wasn’t really the job itself, as it was some of the customers we had to deal with on almost regular basis. Too many times I was yelled at for not giving angry victimized customers a non-existing sale price that would have saved them a whole whopping two dollars! Also, usually there were screaming hyper kids running around the store with little to no supervision from their parents, which was a pain to deal with. Who had to watch over the kids so they wouldn’t hurt themselves and then have their parents sue the store? Us. Great, no?

So a last night I posted the comic, and today, like with many other FARTS out there, I realized that there’s a mistake in this strip. That’s what I get from finishing the comic right before sleep. I think I will actually fix this one. The brimstones mysteriously disappear from my belt in the second-to-last frame. Well, at least I have been pretty good with keeping the number of fingers correct lately. :)

said AleX

on 03-30-2007


I smell brimstone, the devil must be near!

For the record, both Alex and I are aware of the difference between brimstone and rhinestone. Brimstone was what the child called them, so thus it is in the comic, in keeping with Alex's true-to-life policy. If I was just a bit more of a grammar-nazi, I would edit Alex's post to include the appropriate notation. But even if I were as such, I would still likely be too lazy to be bothered. Insted I write these words for you all to disregard.

Also notable is that Alex did indeed correct the missing stones from her belt in the fifth frame.

said Scott





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