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on 04-27-2007

I love my Scott...

I'm gonna marry him good!

I have been super-busy this week with some side projects and this comic almost didn't happen. I will hopefully be less busy next week, but the week after that I am off for the weekend, so I will need to kick my ass and make some comics early and fast! Wish me luck, everyone.

The winter was so damn long this year, that Spring appeared outta nowhere and all the sudden it's the end of school year, and I didn't get to hang out with my college buddy Vanessa as much as I'd like :( Good thing she is staying for one more semester. We need to hang out then, Vanessa! We must! Hopefully winter will not come super early again and ruin that plan, too. I hate driving so far in snow!

I am sorry to everyone who has emailed me and hasn't gotten a response yet. As I mentioned, I have been super-busy lately. I haven't forgotten about you, and I will reply to you all, once I get a chance. Also, I noticed some of you mistake Amy for me. For clarification this is Amy. She is my best friend, and inspires plenty of my FARTS. She is the one who writes (or at least used to) funny rants. Amy is awesome. This is me. I am the AleX. I am the creator/artist/writer of this here comic. There is also Scott. Scott is my future husband. He helps me out with FARTS whenever he is able. He used to do some coloring for me, and sometimes he writes some strips, too.


Come to think of it, most likely the ones that do mistake Amy for me, do not read these here rants anyway :) But oh well.

said AleX





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