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on 05-11-2007

Happy birthday/mother's day, Mom.

And Alex is in Ottawa with me to celebrate. It is a good weekend. *thumbs up*

said Scott

on 05-11-2007

Happy Birthday, MumW!

I formatted this strip to fit a little 5"x 5" booklet and I printed it for MumW as a birthday gift. Both her and Mr.DadW read it and laughed together. I am very glad they both liked it! :) I am very happy that I was able to see MumW on her birthday :) My weekend in Canada was amazing. I really didn't want to leave.

This has been the first time ever I was able to visit Canada during Spring. It was beautiful. I managed to see the annual Tulip Festival. There were tulips ALL OVER the city!

I hope to be able to see Canada during Spring again.

said AleX





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