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on 06-08-2007

This is what happens..

.. when you don't give me a permission to draw you!
I even drew Scott's mystery friend pretty hot... but the world will never know. Actually, not really. The world will know tomorrow. Scott's mystery friend actually changed his mind about appearing in the comic. I will link the uncensored version to a rant tomorrow.

The pen drawings are actually original sketches by Scott and his friend. Scott's drawings are pretty good. I hope someday he will make me a full-blown guestie. He doesn't draw regularly, because he doesn't have any passion for it.. But I think if he started drawing regularly he would get really good really fast. Probably even better than me.

This comic was also directed ("written")by Scott (although the true author was the LIFE itself, as all my comics are real-life events). This strip was a nice collaboration between my Scott and I. I hope to do some more of comics like that. Once Scott and I get married, I am sure he will help me in wording a lot of stuff. Yes.

I moved to a nice apartment last weekend. There is still a lot to get done there. I don't have much furniture there yet. I love my new place though. The internet is a little slower than I'd like, but at least I got it there almost right away.

Alright, I go work now.

New FARTS next week!

said AleX

on 06-08-2007


Scott's mystery friend is revealed!

Do not be confused -- I didn't turn Asian and male. Scott's friend is also known as "Alex." Scott actually knows A LOT of Alexes.
said AleX





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