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on 06-15-2007

Pepsi & Max

Pepsi is a calm, mature, black labrador with a very shiny fur. Max is a younger hyper mixture between golden retriever and yellow lab. Both dogs (along with Lisa) were living under the same roof for a while. Pepsi was the mature mom of the bunch. Max was the annoying loud hyper one. Lisa was a puppy, so she had that excuse.

Anyway, I was right there when Pepsi bitchslapped Max! All the sudden he started barking right in her face. It wasn't anger. He was just hyper. She didn't appreciate that -- I never have seen a dog look so ANNOYED -- so she slapped him on the face and walked away. He shut up right there and looked a little confused. The whole scene was hilarious!

Anyway, I must go now. I might post a photo of the two later.

said AleX





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