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on 07-20-2007

And Alex's FARTS don't stink!

Apparently I have a reputation of being able to clear a room (or elevator) pretty effectively. Seems this is what was going on without me noticing it, while Alex was off showering. Sure I knew I was letting a few out, but I don't have quite the sense of accumulation for my flatulence that Alex does; after all, "everyone likes their own brand."

Alex has done the story justice in this comic, but the one aspect I wish I could relate to everyone else is how very much it seemed as though she had collided with a physical barrier when she entered the room. She was struck back as though with a physical blow.

Thankfully for Alex, there is always a can of air freshener around when she needs it. Being married to me, she has needed it many times already, as she shall in the future, whether or not I choose to gorge myself on beans and other legumes.

On a personal note; as long as Alex and I have known each other, we have never managed to spend either of our birthdays together; not in nearly four years. That will all change in a few days. I have not been a fan of birthday celebrations since I was a teenager, the novelty seemed to wear off within a few years of my parents not handing out "loot bags" any more. This year will be a bit different, as there is something specific to celebrate: Growing old together.

said Scott

on 07-20-2007

Farts of love

All I wanted to add here is that this thing happened only about a couple of weeks ago.. on our Honeymoon. said AleX





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