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on 08-03-2007

So I married a scaredy-cat

It seems to me that many seemingly insignificant things make Alex jump with fright in a rather severe way; the toaster is just one example. An interesting and similar thing happened a few weeks ago. It was past midnight and I was dozing but still conscious, Alex was nearly asleep, and some hooligan outside our apartment decided to rev up his pickup truck. Well Alex shoots up in bed gasping for air and making very nervous frightened whimpering noises. I really cannot compare the experience with any specific reference. It was not quite as though she was being assailed by an axe-wielding maniac, but somewhat similar.

I sympathize, I really do; but I think Alex is just a bit too high-strung sometimes. Good thing she has a big strong man like me to protect her from the scary noises.

said Scott

on 08-03-2007

I bought that toaster. I bought it good. said Amy





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