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on 08-31-2007


Today's FARTS strip illustrates something that happened soon after we got married. Scott dropped me off work and ran to do some errands (one of which was getting me coffee on his way back). He is so great :)

Do notice how almost all (last week's strip being the only exception) FARTS have Scott in them now. I can't help it! I see him EVERYDAY! Being married to Scott is awesome. He takes care of me good :)

Also, all the strips right after the wedding (excluding the one from last week, which actually happened around Christmas 2006), have been based on events that happened pretty recently. Living with Scott has been creating a lot of FARTS-worthy material!

So anyway, Scott was pretty disoriented after he walked into that pole!! It is a lantern right outside of my work. I didn't try to make him walk into that, I swear! I couldn't stop laughing after he did that though. The best part was his utter disorientation marked by a wobbly walk right after he hit his head. He was alright, just embarrassed and surprised.

Sleeptime now. Hope everyone had a good summer. September begins tomorrow.

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