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on 09-07-2007

Eyebleach Required

There must be some sort of local statute around here, requiring that all professional gardeners must be old, flabby, sweaty, unbathed, and perpetually shirtless. I think Alex immediately used her computer to find some Keira Knightley pictures after this happened, to ease the ocular agony.

In other news, I have actually succeeded in convincing Alex to be one comic ahead of schedule, a feat she has achieved just this week. This week's comic was completed on Wednesday, and the finishing touches for next week's comic are just being done as I write these words on Thursday night. This makes very little difference to you, the reader; but for Alex it means less stress associated with meeting her self-imposed deadlines. For me it means fewer nights staying up later than I would like because Alex is still up and working on the comic at quarter-to-midnight on deadline night.

There is some degree of detriment to you readers, though, in that I have promised Alex the occasional guest comic so long as she maintains a one-comic advance queue. By "occasional" I mean "whenever I feel like it" and you all should hope this is as seldom as possible. I do not think anyone wants to see many more of my pre-school grade doodlings. Such is the divide in our talents; Alex is an artist, I am just a doodler at the very best.

said Scott

on 09-07-2007

Cubicle Upgrade!

As most of you know, I don't work at the Camera Store anymore. I quit a couple weeks before Scott & I got married (which was in late June). I have had the cubicle graphic design job for a little over a year now. I worked both jobs for a while. I still have some funny Camera Store stories that are waiting to be turned into FARTS, so fear not -- it is not over for the Camera Store yet! After all, Payless job stories got turned into FARTS years after I quit.

Anyway, the cubicle job is not as full of funny adventures as the retail jobs I had in the past, so I doubt there will be many Tales from the Cubicle FARTS strips.

That gardener freaked me out, maily because I didn't expect him to be 3 feet away from me like that. He had a friend with him. The friend wasn't naked nor as disgusting, but he decided to look into our windows as they were in the little courtyard. This freaked the hell out of my coworker, Angeliki. They couldn't see us through the tinted mirror-like glass we have, but that dude sure tried really hard, pressing his face and hands against the glass. Creepy.

So starting today (Saturday) I am trying out the Project Wonderful advertising. Right now, you can advertise your website on the FARTS newest comic page! I will use whatever money I get from this into putting FARTS ads on other pages.

I go enjoy my weekend now.

said AleX





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